Northfield Baby Photographer

One of the best parts of being a Northfield baby photographer is getting to watch families grow.  Families like this one are favorites of mine.  I love when they come back to the studio with each siblings, and I get to photograph each stage of their family.  This little guy rounds out the family with his older sister siblings, and dad finally has someone on his side.

Northfield Baby Photographer | Family Poses

Northfield baby photographer

Since these guys are returning clients, I wanted to make sure I get updated pictures of their growing family as their Northfield baby photographer. We squeezed everyone in, and I am happy to say that these images did not require any type of head swaps or edits to get everyone looking at the camera.   That’s a huge deal with 4 kids.  I sometimes have to piece together multiple images in Photoshop of families with one or two kids.

After family poses, the next series of poses I like to include as a Northfield baby photographer are parents with the baby.  This is a time in the session when things can slow down a little, and we can focus on the connection between mom and dad, and their new baby.

Northfield baby photographer

Northfield baby photographer

I start with parents individually first. I love capturing moms subtle grin when they snuggle their newborn baby during the newborn photography session.  I also love the contract between sweet little babies and dad’s rough hands.  These are those little moments that capture the true emotion and size of the families newest member in those first few days.   It really is my favorite part of photographing newborn families as a Northfield baby photographer.

Northfield baby photographer Northfield baby photographer Northfield baby photographer

Northfield Baby Photographer | Big Sister Pictures

As a mom, I know that sometimes older siblings can feel a little left out while the family is at the studio with their Northfield baby photographer.  I always set aside time to get individual images of the older siblings, spend some time one on one with them, and let them have a little sliver of time in this crazy time of their life that the focus is 100% on them.   Children love attention, especially when they suddenly have to fight an adorable newborn for attention from everyone they see in those first few months.  Adding these milestone photography session add on option to newborn sessions has been so rewarding.  I love working with these little kiddos while they are in my Northfield photography studio.

Northfield baby photographer Northfield baby photographer

Northfield Baby Photographer | Swaddled Prop Poses

Some of my favorite poses to do with a newborn as a Northfield baby photographer are ones when the newborn baby is swaddled and placed in a prop.  I have a wide variety of prop options, but these two newborn photography props are favorites – of both me and clients.

This moon prop is amazing, and a great investment for any photography studio.  It is a newborn photography prop made by Meadow & Ash Props.  On top of this wood option, she also offers a cream moon (that is already at the newborn photography studio) and ready to use – and she just started offering some painted option in other colors.  They are defiantly on my short list of props I want to add to my Minneapolis newborn photography studio prop collection soon.

Northfield baby photographer

This white basket is an oldie, but goodie. I have had it for almost 10 years, and posed a lot of newborn babies in it over the years as a Northfield baby photographer.  I really should go back and dig up all the old pictures of the babies over the years posed in this prop. That would be such an amazing collage of newborn photography pictures.  Of all my newborn photography props, this one is a favorite and one that I am so glad has been around for my whole journey as a Northfield baby photographer.

Northfield baby photographer

Northfield Baby Photographer | Close Up Images

These little detailed shots of newborn baby features is a favorite part of a newborn photography session for me.  I love giving parents pictures of their newborn’s little features, since they somehow seem to change before you know it.  Babies change so quickly – and I am also convinced that as parents to newborns our brain’s are so sleep deprived that it can’t form memories.   It’s reasons like this that I love my job as a Northfield baby photographer, and the gift of pictures that I give families.

Plus – who doesn’t love a little nose wrinkle shot.

Northfield baby photographer

Northfield Baby Photographer | Bucket poses

This bucket newborn photography prop is a favorite of mine, and I am convinced it is the greatest newborn prop ever made.  Not only is it perfectly sized for newborns, the ladies at Hello Little Props also made a posing aid that goes into the bucket to make posing baby easier.  It really is one of my favorite props to use as a Northfield baby photographer.  And on top of the size and posing ease, they created bucket huggers that allow you to quickly change the look of the bucket.

All of these looks were completed in the same bucket, with just minor changed to the layering pieces and fabrics.   The outer design is easily swapped out too.  Parents are always amazed at the ease of posing in the bucket, and in changing up the look fairly quickly.

Northfield baby photographer

Northfield Baby Photographer | Dog Bed Poses

If you follow my blog at all, then you know that the large posing platform I use for newborn sessions is actually a dog bed.  You can read more about using a dog bed for newborn photography here.

Northfield baby photographer

I love how the elevated dog bed give me a large flat and firm surface to pose baby on.   Mom picked out some of the best colors for her newborn baby boy’s photography session.  I love that she picked such a popular color, with this teal-ish blue newborn photography backdrop.  It has been a popular choice for both boy newborn photography sessions and girl newborn photography sessions.

Northfield baby photographer

I love that mom picked out both a bolder color like teal, and then changed course and her next newborn photography backdrop option was a simple tan color. I loved how the tan color complements the baby do well, and seems almost monotone.

Northfield baby photographer Northfield baby photographer Northfield baby photographer Northfield baby photographer

I love the simplicity of her white options. I also love that I was able to incorporate some adorable Rainbow Baby props into the session for this moms Northfield baby photographer session.  I have a soft spot for Rainbow Babies, and have a Year of Rainbows Project focused on these amazingly special rainbow babies. These felted rainbows, and felted rainbow colored hearts are so adorable, and just part of my large collection of Rainbow Baby themed props available at the studio.

Northfield baby photographer Northfield baby photographer Northfield baby photographer Northfield baby photographer

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