Minneapolis Newborn Photographer Community

The Minneapolis Newborn Photographer Community Is Great

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I was recently named as one of the top choices for Minneapolis Newborn Photographer again, and I was so honored to be on the list with so many talented photographers, and friends.

I am lucky enough to have a great Minneapolis newborn photographer community to belong to, where so many of us are friends.   While it might seem funny to be friends with people that could easily be viewed as a competitor, it is a must different approach.  We all want to better the Minneapolis newborn photographer community, both for clients and for ourselves.  It really is a group effort to bring not only beautiful newborn photography to the Minneapolis area, but to also have so many photographers that are so talented and give a great experience to clients.

Some examples of the amazing things the members of the Minneapolis newborn photographer community are referring of potential clients when we can’t fit someone in, educational opportunities, sharing of specialty props, opening up our studios to each other when needed, and so many more amazing things.

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By Working Together, The Minneapolis Newborn Photographer Community Is Giving Everyone A Better Experience

All of the work we go together in the Minneapolis newborn photography community seems to have an end goal of bettering the experience for clients. It is common for a Minneapolis newborn photographer to be contacted by parents a baby that way just born that are looking to book a newborn session.  Many of us are booked months in advance, and do our best to fit in last minute baby inquiries when we can. But there are times when we can’t make it work.  Instead of leaving mom and dad struggling to find another photographer to inquirer with, we can either check with the network and see if a Minneapolis newborn photographer is available through special groups we have, or we can refer a list of photographers that we feel are comparable and qualified to be their Minneapolis newborn photographer.

Some newborn families have special request for their session, from locations to props.  Most of the time I have everything we need for the session.  There are times when I don’t, and I love knowing I can reach out to my Minneapolis newborn photographer group for help.  For example, I had a dad of a newborn that was a motorcycle mechanic.  He really wanted to incorporate a motorcycle into the session somehow. Being that Minnesota is too cold for outdoor newborn pictures most of the year, I loved knowing one of the Minneapolis newborn photographers would possibly be able to help.  And sure enough, a Minneapolis newborn photographer came through and offered up a smaller scale motorcycle that was perfect for the session.

I had a local newborn photographer reach out to see if I had a maternity gown in a specific color for a session she had soon, she also loves having out Minneapolis newborn photographer group.  She had a gown special ordered for her session, but there was an unexpected shipping delay.  There was no way her dress would be to Minnesota, let alone in the Minneapolis area by the date and time of her session.   She borrowed a maternity gown from my collection, and her client was able to still have the session she dreamed of, in the color dress she wanted, but all because of the Minneapolis newborn photographer network.

Another example of the Minneapolis newborn photographer network, but on a more local level in Northfield is when a local photographer unexpectedly had to close her studio due to a mold issue.   After talking to her, and hearing her concerns of having to cancel numerous newborn sessions in the coming months, I offered her the use of my studio. For a few months, my studio as also home to myself and another Minneapolis newborn photographer.  It was a way to help her ease some of the struggles she faced with her business, while dealing with the mold and construction issues without the extra burden of canceling sessions.

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Top Training Brought to Minneapolis For Newborn Photographers

The Minneapolis newborn photographer community also hosts training throughout the year.  Newborn photography is one that requires extensive knowledge about babies, how their bodies move, limitations on those body movements, newborn health, first aid training, camera knowledge, editing and so much more. Members of the Minneapolis newborn photographer community host newborn photography trainers from across the United States and across the globe.  It is great to have such easy access to the latest education, news, advancements, and safety concerns.

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Minneapolis Newborn Photographer Community Improving Photography For Everyone

The Minneapolis newborn photographer community is one of a kind, and I am so glad to be part of it.   I also love that it is something that we can better together and give the families of Minneapolis amazing experiences and newborn images.

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