How Do I Find A Newborn Photographer In Minneapolis

How Do I Find A Newborn Photographer in Minneapolis?

It’s a popular question, how do I find a newborn photographer in Minneapolis. Looking for a newborn photographer can be overwhelming, and often leaves parents to be wondering how do I find a newborn photographer?  The answer can be simple or a little more complicated.  There should be a few factors that come into play when finding a newborn photographer in Minneapolis

How Do I Find A Newborn Photographer in Minneapolis

How Do I Find A Newborn Photographer in Minneapolis That Has An Opening?

Most newborn photographers take limited newborn sessions each month, and can book up months in advance.  In most cases, newborn photographers in Minneapolis are booked out 3-4 months in advance.  That means that you need to plan ahead and start wondering how do you find a newborn photographer in Minneapolis in your second term.  We all do our best to fit in last minute inquires.  I know that having a newborn that is a few days old is stressful, and when you add in he extra stress of trying to find a photographer when a openings it can feel overwhelming.  When I am able to fit in last minute newborns I do, and I know most of the newborn photographers in the Minneapolis area do the same.

How Do I Find A Newborn Photographer in Minneapolis with a style I like?

It might seem like newborn photography is all the same, and is far from the truth.  There are a few different styles of newborn photographer that should be considered when trying to figure out how do I find a newborn photographer in Minnesota.

Fresh 48 Sessions – these types of sessions have a unique and fun feel to them.  First 48, Fresh Baby, Fresh 48 sessions, and other names that may have, are a style of newborn session that takes place in the hospital in baby’s first few hours.  Ideally in the first 48 hours.  They focus on baby, the family’s excitement of adding a member, and all the little details with the hospital room as a backdrop.

Home Lifestyle Sessions – This type of newborn session is one that is a little more relaxed, and takes place at your home.  The most popular parts of the home for the session to take place in are the newborn’s nursery, master bedroom, and living rooms.  The session is kind of similar to a Fresh $8 session, but the feel of it is very different.  It is a lot more personal, and focuses on the love and connection of your family.  It can be a true lifestyle session, capturing the day to day of your growing family.  Or it can be a session with a little more direction and guidance from your newborn photographer.  The photographer will move you to more flattering light, flattering positions, and create a fun and easy-going flow to the session.

Studio Sessions – These types of sessions are the type of session that most people seem to think of when they picture newborn photographer.  Baby is posed in a variety of poses, lays on colored backdrops, posed in buckets & baskets, and family poses that are posed.   These sessions allow for tons of variety in colors, poses, and props.

When you are struggling to determine which type of session is best for you, I recommend spending some time looking at Google images, and trying to narrow down the style that matched what you envision for your final images.  Look at fresh baby sessions, in home lifestyle sessions, and studio or posed newborn sessions.

How Do I Find A Newborn Photographer in Minneapolis For My Budget?

It is important that you establish a budget for your newborn sessions.  You can do it right away, knowing what you have set aside to spend on newborn photography, or once you start looking in more depth at photographers and determine what you want to spend after seeing price ranges for photographers in the Minneapolis area.

Photographers should be upfront with their pricing.  No one should make you feel like you don’t know what the total investment will be for your session.  Some photographers have their pricing on their websites, so you know their costs before contacting them.  Some photographers, like myself, have a ballpark cost for their sessions on their website, and will send full price details once you inquire with them.  For me, one of the biggest reasons I do this is to get clients talking to me early, and allows me to give parents exact newborn openings I have for their baby’s due date.  It also lets me get an idea of exactly what clients want out of the session even when they are in their research stage of finding a photographer.

How Do I Find A Newborn Photographer in Minneapolis That Delivers Quality Images?

I recently photographed a newborn, and during the session the parents told me they used a photographer from the city they used to live in for their first child’s newborn session. They looked at the photographers website and loved the few images in the newborn photographer’s portfolio.  When they received their images, they hated them.  The mom said the images were blurry, the color was off, and the baby looked uncomfortable in the newborn poses.  The mom said she wished she would have asked to see more examples of the photographers work before booking them.

Asking to see more work is a great way to see exactly what you can expect from your newborn session.  A newborn photographer should have no problem sending you an example of a full newborn session, or even a couple newborn sessions.  This will give you an idea of the total look and feel of your newborn session.

How Do I Find A Newborn Photographer in Minneapolis That I Like?

In my opinion, one of the biggest things to consider when booking a newborn photographer is to find a photographer you like.  Someone that is personable, easy going, and has a personality that meshes well with you family.

I offer potential clients the opportunity to visit the studio even before they book a session with me.  They get the chance to look over the studio, see the props I have available, touch and feel the prints and products I offer, and most importantly we get to chat in person and see if I am a good fit for what you want from a Minneapolis newborn photographer.

How Do I Find A Newborn Photographer in Minneapolis Based On Location?

Some clients want a photographer that is close to home. Others want a specific style or photographer and are open to traveling. You can Google Minneapolis Newborn Photographers on the city, suburb, or community you are in.  You can also view those results on Google Maps, and can see exactly where photographers are and what the travel time is.

How Do I Find A Newborn Photographer in Minneapolis Final Thoughts

When struggling to figure out how do I find a newborn photographer in Minneapolis, it is important to consider what is the most important to you.  Availability, when the Minneapolis newborn photographer can fit you in for a newborn session. Style, figuring out the look and feel of the session you are interested in and the location you would like the session to take place with considering the hospital, your home, or the photographer’s studio. Budget, having an idea of the amount of money you expect to spend. Quality, knowing the Minneapolis newborn photographer can deliver consistently great images. Compatibility, finding a photographer that meshed well with your family is more important that you think it would be. Location, there are newborn photographers all across the metro and Minneapolis.  Determining where you want to travel for their session is also a key factor in selecting a newborn photographer.

How Do I Find A Newborn Photographer in Minneapolis

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