Welcome Baby | Newborn Photographer Northfield MN

Welcome Baby | Newborn Photographer Northfield MN

Newborn Photographer Northfield MN

One of my favorite parts of a newborn session are the detail shots.  All of the sweet close ups of all those baby features.   From their little nose, tiny lips,  long lashes (that I am almost always jealous of), flaky skin, long toes, their head of hair (or the lack of), and all the little features that are unique to a newborn.

Those tiny features change so much in the first years.  I love giving parents the opportunity to capture the tiny features before they change.  And because honestly, parents of newborns are so tired they can hardly form memories of exactly what their baby look like in the first days and weeks of their lives.

I make sure that I get a sequence of detail shots in each newborn session.  Plus, when I take them, I get to sneak in extra close to these little ones, and I love getting to smell that unique newborn smell that all newborns have.

newborn photographer Northfield MNNewborn Photographer Northfield MN

Stephanie Bennett is a Newborn Photographer, Northfield MN

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