What To Expect | Senior Sessions

Here are some quick tips on what to expect at the session, and ways to make run smoothly.

You will also receive a senior session questionnaire that will help us plan your session, and gets us both thinking about the goals of the session and to customize your session.

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Out door locations are all within the Northfield MN area, or just out of city limits.  You will receive a separate email with information related to your session locations.  Depending on weather, activities in the community, and more factors, locations might not be decided on until a few days before your session.  I am always checking the locations I use to assure they are perfect for your session. 

All of the locations used are ones that include short walks to different areas where we will take pictures.  This give the session variety without having to travel between many locations. We can also split the session between two outdoor locations.

My most common Northfield Area locations for senior sessions are:

  • Downtown Northfield
  • Carleton College Arboretum
  • Greenvale School Natural Area
  • Big Woods State Park


Some seniors choose to start their session in the studio.  The studio has simple backdrops that allow you to be the focus of the session.

Northfield senior photographer
high School Senior Photographer Northfield MN


Struggling with what to wear at your senior session?  Here are some helpful tips.

Don’t Buy A Whole New Wardrobe – The most important rule when planning senior outfits is that you are comfortable in your outfits.  Chances are you already have outfits and pieces in your closet that you feel comfortable and confident in, and also show your personality.

Plan Ahead – no one wants to be struggling to find outfits at the last minutes.  I know this is a busy time of year for everyone.  Try to set aside a few moments to think of your outfits, come up with a few options, and most importantly – try them on.

Plan All Parts Of Your Outfit – Think about your entire outfit, from head to toe.  Often seniors overlook their shoes.  Make sure your shoes match the style of your outfit. From hairstyles, clothing, accessories, and shoes.  Be sure to think about all parts of your outfit.

Pull the Iron Out – Take the time to have your outfits freshly pressed.  Wrinkles always seem to stand out more in pictures than in person.

Add Layers To Add Interest – Layers and textures are a great way to add dimensions and textures to your outfits.  An open button down shirt, denim jacket, cardigan, scarf, necklaces, and more accessories are great. 

Keep It Simple – simple necklines will add length to your neck and not draw attention away from your face. Keep your accessories simple.  Avoid wearing anything too flashy, bright, and attention grabbing.  Simple watches, earrings, and necklaces are best.

Have a Plan For Your Hair – I always recommend not getting a haircut just before sessions.  Haircuts look best when they have grown in a little.  Try out a variety of styles before hand, so you know what you are doing the day off.   Want some variety, find hair styles that look different with little effort, so you can easily change hairstyles with outfits.

Fingernails – Your hands will be in some pictures, so make sure to give them the attention they need. Cleaned and trim nails for guys.  Ladies, I recommend a natural nail color if you wanted to wear polish.  Trendy or bright colors will date your pictures.

Makeup – I always recommend doing makeup for sessions the same way you wear it daily.   If you wanted to add a little something more, a littler darker eye or lip color is all suggest.  You want to look like yourself in your pictures, and that is best with your daily look.   Normally don’t wear makeup, but want to add some for pictures?  Keep it simple, a little mascara, blush, and lip gloss will give you a slightly more made up look.

Personalize Your Session – This session celebrates you.  Incorporating your interests, activities, and hobbies into your session is a great way to personalize your session.  We don’t have to use them for all of the session, but I love incorporating things that are truly you into the session. I’ve had clients bring musical instruments, pets, cars, and more to senior sessions in the past.  Or you can just stick you documenting you without any added props too.

And now a few rules on what NOT to wear for your photos…

Don’t wear fluorescents

Don’t wear makeup with glitter.

Don’t wear overly busy designs

Don’t wear overly branded clothing

Don’t wear too much green outdoors, it’s easy to blend into the background.



Northfield senior photographer
high School Senior Photographer Northfield MN
high School Senior Photographer Northfield MN



Find colors you love – Look at the colors in your life.  We wear, decorate with, and buy things in the colors we love and that make us feel good.  Not only will these colors in outfits make you feel good, but chances are you already have lots of clothing options in your closet.  ​

Neutrals – Always a great option. Everyone looks good in them, they compliment the backgrounds, and will look great displayed in any home.  

Black is a top senior color choice.  It is a classic color that works great for everyone and every location choice.

White is also a great option. White is clean and crisp, and lets your outfit stand out from the background without taking attention away from you.

Earth Tones – Think rich blues, burgundies, mustard yellows.  These colors look great on most people, and compliment outdoor locations. 

Pastel Tones – Think light blues, blush pinks, lavenders, light yellows, and other soft colors.  These colors work great in all locations, and have a fresh feeling to them.

Spring Suggestions : Pastels, pink – blue – cream – white – flowy – lace – florals

Fall Suggestions : Rich Jewel Tones – bold colors – mustard – army green – jeans – vests – knits 

Styling : I recommend either matching your clothing style to the location, or doing the exact opposite.  For example, casual clothing in a field will always look great.  Going full on glam in a gown or suit in an urban setting is a fun clash of styles that somehow works well.


Northfield Senior Photographers
Northfield Senior Photographers


I Recommend Picking 3 Outfits For Your Session.

I have found 3 outfits is a great way to add variety to the session, and also keep outfit changes to a realistic number for the length of the session.

If you are struggling to pick outfits, I recommend picking one casual outfit, a more dressed up or formal look, and one that shows your personality.

Ladies – if you want to use dresses from the studio collection of dresses and gowns, they are always available.  Just set up a dress fitting session to try them on before the session so everything is ready for the day of your session.


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