Picking out outfits for regular photography session can be stressful for moms. When you are now trying to dress your growing baby belly and the rest of the family, it suddenly seems ten times worse. My goal is to make the session as stress free as possible for you, and a huge part of that is helping to plan outfits and offering outfit options for you in studio.

I offer a collection of over 50 maternity dresses, gowns, bodysuits, and coverups in the studio.  They are all available for you to use.  Just set up a time, and you can some in and try them on before the session. That way you can narrow down what you are wearing, and then focus on everyone else.

I also put together come tips if you are wearing your own clothing, and for family members that will be joining you at the session.

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Moms | Tips for Sessions


Studio Wardrobe

There are over 50 pieces in the collection, and I am sure you will be able to easily find a few pieces you love.  If we haven’t set it up yet, you are welcome to come into the studio and try on the dresses a week or two before the session.   Moms love doing this, and it really makes things stress free the day off.  Moms show up, and their dress picks are steams and ready for them to wear the day of the session.

 If you haven’t yet, please schedule a dress fitting at the studio.   Moms love being able to come in weeks before the session, try on dresses, decide what they are goign to wear, and have am easier time dressing the rest of the family.


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Planning your own outfits

The most important thing it to make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. If you are not, it will show in pictures. I want you to be confident and comfortable. I have more clothing tips below for moms wanting to provide their own outfits.

Hair and Makeup 

This is your time to shine, I always recommend stepping up air and make up a little.  Nothing drastic (unless you are into that), but more done up than the average day.  You can wear eye and lip make up a little darker than your daily makeup choices.

If you want some extra pampering, getting your hair and make up done is a nice treat. If you are not the big hair and make up kind, I do recommend wearing a little more makeup than you normally wear. It just shows better in pictures.


Statement pieces like necklaces and bracelets are great to add some extra details.   I do have some options in studio, but feel free to bring your own.


Moms  | Studio Session Tips


I tell everyone to bring a few underwear options, and underwear that is loose fitting.   I recommend thongs and bikinis in white, nude, and black. That way you have well fitting options in many colors.   I also recommend bring a well-fitting strapless bra. Some of the dress options are strapless and having a strapless bra with makes dress selection easier.  If you have a good push up bra that works with the straps tucked in, that will work too.

A lot of moms wear shape wear under the dresses, but it’s not a necessity.  Some of the dresses have shape wear sewn into them too.

If you wanted to have more revealing, boudoir inspired, or fine art maternity I also recommend a well fitting bra in white and black.  They work well on their own, or with the lace robes and cover ups in the studio.  

If you are feeling daring, we can also look at poses that work for nude or implied nude images. And just to make sure you know, I do not post anything online that is revealing without your permission first, so you do not have to worry about anyone but you seeing these


In the studio, we can always go barefoot as an option.  Otherwise I recommend matching your style shows to the style dress you are wearing.


Moms | Outdoor Sessions


Outdoor and on location sessions are fun, because you get more variety. I recommend to things when planning clothing for outdoor sessions.

Match the location and season. For winter images, dress warm and embrace winter with a cute hat or scarf. Casual dresses for wooded areas. Leggings and a sweat.

Dress opposite of the location. So go glam in a field, urban area, or wooded trail. The juxtapose styling add great energy to pictures.

The studio wardrobe is available to use at outdoor locations too. Just set up a time to come try on the dresses before your session and we can discuss all the details.

Maxi dresses, empire waist dresses, and body contouring dresses are popular.  I recommend going with a tighter fitting option over very large flowy dresses.  

If you are not a dress person, don’t wear a dress.   Leggings with a cute top, cardigan, or sweater are popular options.  Jeans with simple neutral tops are a timeless look too.  If you need some input, feel free to reach out and I will work with you or give you feedback on outfits you are considering.   

***If you are planning on multiple outfits outdoors, I do recommend a slip or shape wear so you can quickly and easily change. I had a pop up tent for changing, but it was difficult for mom to change in.


High heels in grass or dirt when pregnant can be tricky.  I recommend wedges if you need some height, or to wear flats to the location and change into heels for the pictures.  For winter pictures, if you dress covers your feet, wear boots.  Keep your feet warm, and no one will know.


The Rest Of The Family 

I recommend others in the session match the style of mom.  If mom is wearing more formal gown, everyone else should be dressed up a little too.  Don’t dress everyone exactly the same, instead pick 3-4 colors and use them as inspiration for everyone’s outfits. Your outfits shoudl coordinate and complement – not match exactly.   

And be sure to make sure shoes match the outfit.  You don’t want a little girl in a boho style dress and hot pink princess tennis shoes, or a little boy in a button up shirt, khakis, and line green flip flops.

The Ladies

Adults / Teens

Dress in a style similar to mom.  Layers are also great too.  Leggings with cardigans, scarves, and knit sweaters always look great and can easily be dressed up or down to match mom’s style. The dressed in the studio collection also work for non-pregnant ladies, so feel free to have them come try on dresses when you do.

Little Girls 

Same as the older ladies, dress in a similar style as mom, but not exactly the same,  I do have a few white and off white dress options for girls up to size 5 in studio that they are welcome to wear.  I have a number of clothing options for little ones up to 2T too.  My collections of headbands will almost all stretch to fit little girls too. 


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The Guys 

Adults / Teens

Dress in a style similar to mom.  If she is in a more glamorous dress, a button up white, dress pants, and shoes are a great option.

If that’s not his style, dark wash jeans, dark shoes, paired with light sweaters work great too.  For more relaxed sessions, jeans and khakis with neutral colored (white, gray, black) long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirts or helneys / polo shirts are popular choices.

Little boys 

Same as the older boys, simple pants, jeans, khakis paired with simple shirts are best.


If you have questions – please reach out. I know how difficult planning outfits can be, and how hard dressing you growing bump can be too. I completely understand the weird stage you are in with dressing your body for pregnancy and the hormones that don’t help. I want things to be as stress free as possible for you are the rest of the family.


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