Best Photographer in Southern Minnesota | Winner

I am still in shock to see that I was named best photographer in Southern Minnesota by the Northfield News and Southern MN Scene.

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Best Photographer in Southern Minnesota

Each year the Southern MN Scene out together a local list of “Best Of”.  Over the last 5 years I have been nominated to the category of Best Photographer in Southern Minnesota.  Each year I have been honored to have clients not only nominate me to the category, but also to have clients that take time to vote for my little business.   Without these amazing clients, I would not have a business and I woudl not be on a list with so many other talented photographers each year.

Best Photographer in Southern Minnesota | Winner Announced

Voting is done each fall, and I was thrilled to get the call that I was voted Best Photographer in Southern Minnesota this year.  It is excited to be recognized for all the work I put into my business, and all of the clients that trust me with their family’s memories.  In the big picture of my business, I know that it’s a small thing.  But I feel like everyone likes to be recognized for the work they do.  Especially when you are a business owner and a lot of that work is done alone and behind the scenes. We don’t have co-workers to cheer us on or acknowledge the work we do.

Best Photographer in Southern Minnesota | Thank You!

I know I can’t express my gratitude enough for those and voted and nominated me. If you know me well, than you know I tend to stay off the internet, social media, and other things.  So when things like this happen, I am always surprised that member of the Northfield area community think of me and my Northfield MN photography business when awards like this take place.

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