Parent Tip Tuesdays

Parenting Tips Tuesdays

I’m so excited about one of my 2024 plans for my newborn photography business, Parent Tip Tuesdays.  Bringing a newborn into the world is both an exciting and slightly terrifying experience for any parent. You are filled with joy and excited, and also worried, unprepared, and nervous.

The sleepless nights, tender moments, and the sheer joy of welcoming a new life are unparalleled. However, for new moms, the journey can be overwhelming and leaved you filled with questions, and wonders if you are doing it “right”. Recognizing the need for support and shared wisdom, I am starting Parent Tip Tuesdays on my Facebook page.  This weekly social media post invites experienced parents to share tips and tricks with new moms (and experienced moms looking for more resources).

Embracing the Journey of Motherhood | Parent Tip Tuesdays

Our inaugural post asks what surprised you the most in that first month with your newborn. Upcoming weeks will feature a variety topics related to pregnancy, newborns, babies, sleep, feedings, and more. I have a great list of topics prepared, but also welcome suggestions from any mom looking for some insight.

Establishing a Support System | Parent Tip Tuesdays

Parenting is a team effort, and in week three, we delve into the importance of building a strong support system. Experienced parents share advice on communicating with partners, seeking help from family and friends, and connecting with other new moms in your community. Creating a support network is so important when navigating this crazy adventure of parenthood.  No one can do this alone, it really does take a village.

Navigating Parenthood as a Community | Parent Tip Tuesdays

Parenting is a shared journey, and moms bond over shared joys and challenges.  We all get sleepless nights, feeling like a failure, sleep struggles, feeding challenges, and meltdowns.  But we also celebrate milestones like walking, eating solids, sleeping through the night, potty training and more.  We celebrate because we have been there.  I joke that once you have a kid you are part of the mom club, where we all have similar wins and failures.

Let’s Do This | Parent Tip Tuesdays

Parent Tips Tuesday is more than just a weekly Facebook post; it’s a digital community where experienced parents reach out to support and empower new moms as they begin the incredible journey of motherhood. Lets foster connections and sharing tips.  I hope to create a space that not only captures beautiful moments  as moms, but also helps make at least one new mom’s journey a little easier.

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