Kinderbella Presets | Favorite Editing Tools

Kinderbella Presets | Favorite Editing Tools

I love sharing things I find that make my business and photography editing easier, and Kinderbella Presets by Heidi Sakallah Photography are my favorite presets to use in my editing.  I use them for everything.  Outdoor sessions, natural light studio sessions, and studio light sessions.  She has the perfect presets for every setting and light situation. Kinderbella presets are literally magic.

Kinderbella Presets | What Are Presets?

Before we get into why I love Kinderbella presets so much, I’ll take a quick minute to explain exactly what they are.

A preset is a pre-defined setting or adjustment that can be applied to your photos in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw editing software. Presets are a way or recording what adjustments and edits you apply to photos, so you can repeat the same edits when editing any photos and can save you time by automatically applying a series of edits to your photos.. Presets can be created by you, or created by other photographers and sold.  You simple purchase them, download the files, and install them in your editing program, either Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw.

For new photographers, presets can be a helpful tool to quickly apply a particular look or style to their photos without having to manually adjust every setting. Presets can also be used to learn about different editing techniques and styles by examining the adjustments that were made to create a particular preset.  By digging into the settings applied in the presets, and what each setting does, you can easily learn about settings and adjustments you probably would not try on your own.

Kinderbella Presets | Outdoor Sessions

I use Kinderbella presets on my outdoor session. Her Trailhead and Tuscany presets are perfect for making sure the greens in foliage are a beautiful rich green.   Some presets can make greens yellow or even brown.  Kinderbella presets is the perfect shade of green.  Maybe it is because she is also a Minneapolis area photographer and shoots in similar upper midwest hardwood and field settings, but they always look great on my images.

Here are some favorites from the Trailhead Collection – TOP LEFT IS STRAIGHT OUT OF CAMERA IMAGE

Kinderbella Trailhead Preset Examples

Here are some favorites from the Tuscany Collection from – TOP LEFT IS STRAIGHT OUT OF CAMERA IMAGE

Kinderbella Tuscany preset examples

Kinderbella Presets| Studio Natural Light Sessions

I love Kinderbella presets for my natural light sessions in the studio.  My studio is on the smaller side, but I am lucky enough to have two large windows that fill the room with beautiful natural light.  I shoot a lot of my studio images with either backlight from the large studio windows or parallel to the windows for a nice broad light.  The Studio Collection from Kinderbella presets is perfect for both of these types of sessions.   The presets add a touch of contract, natural skin tones, and true whites.

Here are some favorite from the Studio Collection – TOP LEFT IS STRAIGHT OUT OF CAMERA IMAGE

Kinderbella studio collection preset examples

Kinderbella Presets | Studio Strobe Sessions

Hands down my favorite studio light presets from Kinderbella presets are the Sandstoen Collection.  These are perfect for newborns and sitter sessions.  They give little ones a beautiful skintone from the start, making any additional ski edits so much easier.

I use the Sandstone Collection on every newborn session I have.  It has become a staple in my editing workflow.

Here are some favorites from the Sandstone Collection – TOP LEFT IS STRAIGHT OUT OF CAMERA IMAGE

Kinderbella preset sanstone examples

Kinderbella Presets | Finishing Actions

In addition to the Kinderbella presets, Heidi Sakallah Photography also has amazing finishing actions.  I love the extra pop they give to images.  The Finishing Action Collection includes skin editing actions, fades that add an extra creaminess to your images, and finishing actions that are really the cherry on top of your entire edit.

Here are my favorites from the Finishing Action Actions – TOP LEFT IS STRAIGHT OUT RAW WITH KINDERBELLA SANDSTONE PRESET APPLIED

Kinderbella Sandstone finishing actions examples


Kinderbella Presets| Profiles

In addition to Kinderbella presets, Heidi Sakallah Photography also has color profiles that are literal magic for my Canon R6 files.  I love my Canon R6, but sometimes the coloring is a little wonky.  The color profiles make the Canon R6 files comparable to how my Canon 5D Mark III shot.  She also included some skin touches in the color profiles, which take redness and yellow out of baby’s skin from the start.

Kinderbella Presets | An Editing Staple

If you don’t have any Kinderbella presets, I highly recommend getting them. I love how amazing they look on my work.  I also love that there is a Kinderbella presets for every setting and lighting situation. Plus I love supporting another Minnesota photographer and her business.  Really, go buy her presets and make your editing faster and consistent.

To see more of Kinderbella Presets in action, visit my portfolio page.  Almost all of the images on my website are edited with her presets.

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