Most Popular Newborn Poses

While the goal for every session is for them all be unique and customized to each family, I also receive requests for my most popular newborn poses for newborn babies.  My Minneapolis area newborn photography clients love having their baby posed in these poses, and often show up to their session with screen shots from my website or social media pages of these most popular newborn poses.

Bum up | Most Popular Newborn Poses

Easily the top requested most popular newborn poses is called “bum up”, or also called “tushie up”. In this pose, baby is posed on their stomach, with their little bum up posed upwards. Some clients want their baby naked for this pose, while others want baby in clothing or their bottom covered with a wrap. While this is one of the most popular newborn poses, it is also a hard one to master when posing newborns.  To achieve the perfect look, attention needs to be paid to baby’s hand positions, they way their face is angled, their leg positions, and even more minor adjustments.  These minor adjustments do things like show baby is relaxed, show off their little toes, and curl their body just enough to accentuate their little back rolls.

Chin On Hands | Most Popular Newborn Poses

This is another of the most popular newborn poses is one where baby is also on their belly poses.  In this pose, baby is straight on with the camera, and lets their face be the focus of the images.  Depending on baby, and the pose, baby’s head is either straight up and down, or tilted slightly to the side. Some variations of this pose include a minor adjustment of baby’s hand as it rests on baby’s face for a different look for one of the most popular newborn poses in newborn photography.

Bucket Poses | Most Popular Newborn Poses

One of my most popular newborn poses that are prop bases poses are bucket props.  I have a few different bucket options available for my newborn photography clients, and they are all client favorites. Easily the most used bucket for bucket poses in the studio are ones in my Hello Little Props bucket. If you haven’t been in the studio for a session lately, you have to hear about this bucket. It is a simple metal bucket, but it also comes with a variety of magnetic coverings for the bucket that allow for easily changing the look and feel of the bucket.  Most of the time I am able to change the design of the bucket while baby is posed in the bucket and without waking them.  It is easily one of my favorite newborn photography props.

My second most popular bucket poses is when bay is posed in these wooden honey buckets.  I have the bucket in a natural wood color and in white.  Both are requested for bucket poses regularly.

Swaddled Poses | Most Popular Newborn Poses

A lot of parents want photographs of their newborn in swaddled or wrapped poses.  I include them in almost all of my sessions because if it one of my most popular newborn poses.   I have found that most dads want images of their little one covered, while moms seem to want images of their babies without clothes to see all of the little newborn details. These swaddled poses are a way to make sure we include images in the gallery where baby is covered.  Parents also comment this is one of my most popular newborn poses because it is similar to how they see their baby at home, swaddled. I offer swaddled poses in a couple variations.  I offer them in a prop, with baby swaddled.  Parent love being able to pick out the different props baby is swaddled in. From shapes like moons and hearts, rustic bowls, and a variety of colors – these props are fun or parents to look through and pick which prop best fits their style, decor, or vision for the session.

I also offer swaddled shots in some variations on fabric backdrops.  This gives us more color and pose options than in a prop.

Parent Poses | Most Popular Newborn Poses

Easily one of my most popular newborn photography poses is parent poses.  I love when parents are part of the session.  As a mom myself, I know that the last thing you want to do after having a baby is photographed. Having a baby is tough – physically and emotionally.  I love when parents trust me enough to let me talk them into being in photographs with their babies too.

Sibling Poses| Most Popular Newborn Poses

When parents have a newborn session with a baby that isn’t their first, hands down the top of my most popular newborn poses are ones of the older sibling / siblings with baby.  While the session focuses on their newborn baby, parents also want to document that their family is growing or is complete.  These sibling photographs are always special to parents, and as a mom of two myself, the sibling photographs are my favorites from my own children’s newborn session.  It’s easy to see why it made the list of most popular newborn poses.

Froggy Pose | Most Popular Newborn Poses

One of the most popular newborn poses is called froggy.  This is a pose where baby is posed with their head propped up in their hands.  It is adorable, and one parents always ask for.

An important thing to know about this pose is that it is all down on photoshop.  Baby is never left in this pose unsupported. With the magic of photoshop, multiple images are combined into one final image, giving the illusion that baby is sitting in this pose on their own.  So many parents are surprised to find out how this pose is done.  Your babies safety is a priority of mine, you can learn more about how I keep your baby safe during photography sessions here too.

Outfits | Most Popular Newborn Poses

While a lot of families love newborn poses with baby naked, others prefer that baby be covered up.  I have a number of little outfits in the studio that are popular requests for sessions.  These sweet little newborn outfits are some of my most popular newborn photography poses.

Personal Items | Most Popular Newborn Poses

Another one of my most popular newborn poses are ones that include personal items from the family.  I love when parents bring n their family heirlooms or special gifts for baby to include in the session.  It adds such a personal touch to their sessions.

Baby Faces | Most Popular Newborn Poses

Since I started offering these little baby face centered images, they are one of my most popular newborn photography poses.  Parents love when I am able to capture both cute and hilarious photographs of their babies.  I have had a number of parents book sessions with me just because of these adorable images.   While they are one of my clients’ most popular newborn poses, they are my favorite.  If I had to only shoot one newborn pose for the rest of my career, it would be these.

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