Summer and Fall Mini Photography Session | Northfield MN

It’s mini photography session time!

It’s that time of year again, when everyone starts thinking about scheduling family pictures, and a mini photography session is always a huge hit with families.  From little ones with short attention spans, older kiddos that don’t need an hour session, and other types of sessions like seniors or couples – they are a prefect fit.  If you want to book a full family session, we can do that too.

What’s changed with your mini photography session

What’s included with your mini photography session this year is a little different.  If you haven’t been to the studio lately, you may not be aware of the changes that have happened.   After years of feedback from moms and dads, I realized that many struggle to pick what images to print, or even get them printed other than for holiday cards.   No one wants to invest in professional photography, only to have the images sit on a hard drive and never enjoyed.  I have made some changes to the studio to make it more full service, and to assure that you leave your mini photography session with me with printed photographs.  That’s right.  Your mini session will include printed photographs, beautiful 8×10 inch photographs matted to an 11×14 inch size that are frame ready and display ready for your home.

With printed photographs being included in the mini photography session now, I also added a second step to the session.  Now we have the session, and about a week later, your family comes to the studio to view all of your images and pick your favorites.  It really is everyone’s favorite part of sessions now.   There are drinks and treats on hand, while we watch a slide show and then pick your favorite images.  Kids love seeing all of the pictures on the TV while eating popcorn and treats.  So many moms have commented on how this approach to seeing images is better than getting a link to see them at home on a small computer or phone screen.

Once you pick your included photographs and digitals from your mini photography session, I will have them professionally printed and back to you within a week.   I also offer additional products and prints, but there is no obligation to purchase anything other than the 10 images and prints included in the mini photography session.

What are the date options for my mini photography session?

I know a lot of families have busy falls, and wanted to open up options for a mini photography session to more than just a day or two.  Now you can schedule a mini photography session on a number of date through late summer and into fall.  There should be more than enough options for families to find a date that works for a mini photography session. Other dates are available, but only for a full session with different pricing and no included images or prints.

You can use your complimentary session towards a mini photography session too!

If you earned a complimentary photography session with me, you can use that credit towards a mini session.  Just follow the same steps to book your mini photography session as everyone else.   When I see your name come through, I will reach out and see if you wanted to use your complimentary session credit with the mini photography session and apply the appropriate credit if you do.  Or you can opt to use your complimentary session at a future date before the session expires.

What are the location options for my mini photography session?

All of the locations I use are in the Northfield area, either within city limits or just a few minutes outside of them.   Locations for the session won’t be determined until closer to your mini photography session date.   The location choice will be decided based on weather (some locations are in low areas and stay wet longer), conditions like fall colors, events or activities held at the location or in the area that may impact your mini photography session.  All of the locations are beautiful outdoor locations, with a mix of woods / trees and fields.  If you have a specific place in mind, feel free to reach out and I will see if it is an option for your date.

Ready to book a mini photography session?

Follow the link below to see my calendar and get your session scheduled.   Shortly after I will email you with additional information like a what to wear guide and link to your client portal ( a private webpage with all the information related to your session).

To book your session, contact me today.  Use the contact form, or email me at You can also check on recent sessions on the blog, or follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see what’s new.

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