Front Porch Sessions Northfield
Front Porch Sessions Northfield
My kiddos, on our front porch on what feels like day 7,259 of social distancing

Front Porch Sessions & Why I Am NOT Offering Them

I normally do not these types of public statements, but I have gotten so many requests for Front Porch Sessions, that I wanted to put something out explaining why I am not offering them.

First if you are somehow not familiar with what a Front Porch Session is, they are pictures taken of families on their front porches, steps, or yard during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some are regular portraits and some are silly. They seem to be everywhere on social media right now. Which is probably is why people are reaching out asking for them.

The obvious reason I am not offering them is I cannot legally offer photography sessions right now.  By order of Minnesota’s Governor, my business is closed.  I am not an essential business, meaning I do not provide medical services, public safety, provide food, or other items related to keeping peoples’ home safe and functioning right now.  As much as I love photography, photographing my clients, and my business – I have to abide by the laws of the state. 

Some photographers are doing sessions for free to get into the gray area of it not technically being for their business.   It’s also a great marketing tool right now for photographers. Since we are all ordered to be closed, there are limited things we can post on social media or blog about.   Here is the deal, the health of the community means more to me than marketing.  No one’s health is worth a like on my page or a picture.

Social distancing guidelines are meant for situations when we HAVE to be around others.  Situations like working at essential jobs, or out buying food for our family. It does not mean we can carry on business as usual as long as we keep 6 feet away from each other.   I mean, anyone that has seen the sneeze episode of MythBusters where they measure how far a sneeze travels – and it is A LOT further than 6 feet (I am still grossed out when I think of their slow-motion footage of a sneeze).   

Plus there are so many unknowns with COVID-19 too.  The CDC and WHO information on how the virus is spread and recommendations have changed multiple times over the weeks I have been following news on CODIV-19. Just this weekend they found that the virus can be spread to animals too!

I closed my business before the State ordered it closed.  The safety and health of my clients is more important to me than a session.   As much as I love photography, it is not essential, and pictures can happen anytime.  No picture is worth risking your family’s safety. I know we can argue that the chance of getting COVID-19 is low – but again that is not a risk I will take with your family or mine.

I also have family and friends that work as first responders and nurses both in Minnesota and the east coast.  Just because we don’t see the devastation of COVID-19 in our daily lives now, it does not mean it isn’t a real threat to us.  Their accounts of the devastation is heartbreaking, and I could not place myself in a position where a session could expose a family to the virus, or have myself exposed to it and bring it back to my family.

Really – I love photography and photographing all of you.  Lets just wait until it’s both legal for me to do, and we can leave the session knowing we will all be healthy afterwards.   This won’t last forever – even though sheltering in place with kiddos can make it feel like it is.

Instead of Front Porch Sessions, I am putting together some other things for now, and when things get back to normal, or a new normal.  

I’m working on blog pieces to help families take better pictures take better pictures at home.   The first one is focused on newborns, and the one I am working on now aimed at older kids (AKA the ones that never sit still).  I also am working to make the in studio class I offer Understanding Your DSLR into an online format and heavily discounted for all the families that struggle with their own camera.

Lots of stuff is planned for the studio too.  I hate that my newborn clients are missing out on sessions.  One year olds will have pictures taken a month or two after that big milestone birthday, and families have to wait a little longer for pictures.  If you have a session scheduled that is being rescheduled, don’t worry.  I have something special for you.  If you have a newborn born during all of this, and don’t get the professional session you dreamed of for 6 plus months, I also have something planned for you. 

Slowly we will get back to normal, and trust me, when I can legally photograph you all again, I will do everything possible to make sure we fit in sessions, and you get the photographs you have dreamed of.

I am also not judging those that choose to photograph Front Porch Sessions.  I am just explaining the reasons why I am not offering them.   I believe we are all adults, and make our own decisions based on what is best for us (and our businesses) at this time.

Be kind.  Be safe.  Be healthy.  

I will see you all when we are allowed to be together.

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