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I spent a morning last week with this little girl, and thrilled her mom picked me for their Northfield newborn photographer. I love meeting local families, and photographing their growing babies. This little girl was so sweet, and a pleasure to photograph in the studio. I was thrilled that our schedules worked so well together and she was able to join me for her Northfield newborn photographer session. I had been on a long streak of baby boys in the studio, and it was refreshing to have a girl for a change at the Northfield newborn photographer session.


As the best Northfield newborn photographer, this mom found that I am easy to work with and the studio is ready and waiting for babies. This little girl was already born when mom reached out to schedule a session, and I was happy to squeeze her in for a session. On top of babies in the studio, it has been a busy season with outdoor family sessions as we slowly move into fall (and yes, it has been a slow transition into fall here this year. It has been hotter the last few weeks than it was during summer).

I loved this little pink sleeper on her. It was so soft and fuzzy. It’s also one of the many props available when you book me as your Northfield newborn photographer. I have it in a variety of colors, and it is a popular choice for both baby girls and baby boy sessions.

northfield newborn photographer

I have a studio filled with everything we will need for your session. Really, my studio is filled with everything for baby, some clothing options for older siblings, and even dress options for mom. As you Northfield newborn photographer, I strive to make sessions as stress free as possible. I often joke with clients that all they need to do it show up with baby, and I can take care of everything else. My Northfield newborn photographer sessions are so laid back, that is common for parents (usually dad) to doze off and sneak in a little nap while I focus on the baby only portion of the Northfield newborn photographer session. I have a futon and a bed in the studio, and they have been a hit with a few families needing some extra sleep. I love that families trust me with their little one enough that they are comfortable resting for a little while I pose and photographer they newborn.

northfield newborn photographer


This amazing headband is from a favorite local photography prop vendor of mine. Huckleberry Baby Props is located in Rochester MN, and the owner is one of the sweetest people ever. I love her props, and love that I have been able to meet her on this journey as a Northfield newborn photographer. Be sure to check out her beautiful props if you are in the market for some beautiful headbands, newborn wraps, and backdrops.

As your Northfield newborn photographer, I am also well prepared for your session. I have prepared a detailed information packet to help you prep for your Northfield newborn photographer session with me. It covers things like what to do the night before to prep the family for the session, tips to get baby nice and sleeping for their Northfield newborn photographer session, and tips for dressing the rest of the family. Clients love how much information is included in the newborn session prep packet, and said it’s most prepared they have been for a Northfield newborn photographer session.

northfield newborn photographer

I love all those little baby details, and include beautiful and timeless images of them in your Northfield newborn photographer session. Close up images of their noses, toes, hairlines, toes, fingers, lips, and more are a great way to capture those newborn features while they still have that “newborn” look to them. It’s amazing how fast babies change, and then they slowly stop looking like a newborn and move into that baby stage. I love being a Northfield newborn photographer that can capture those special newborn details before they are gone. I also love the look of these images as black and whites. It adds a beautiful classic and timeless look to their Northfield newborn photographer session.

The props I have in the studio are ones that I have found over my years working as a Northfield newborn photographer, and are favorites. They are favorites props for a variety of reasons. The reasons range from being easy to use (the ease of being able to pose a baby inside a prop is a huge factor in selecting the prop and in keeping it in the studio), the look of it (I keep props in the studio that match and add my Northfield newborn photographer style and work well with other props), and ones that are popular with parents.

northfield newborn photographer

This bucket is one of the rare props that meets all of the requirements for a Northfield newborn photographer prop. It is easy to pose baby in, and even has it’s own posing system (something that is so cool it deserved it’s own future blog post on), it is a prop that works well with many of my studio set ups, and is a hit with parents. The big reason parents of babies at my Northfield newborn photographer session love this bucket is that the outside of it is easy to change. Really, the floral pattern I used for this session can easily be swapped out for a variety of colors and pattern. You can even change the bucket design while baby is in the bucket. Which is a huge time saver in Northfield newborn photographer sessions. Babies can get fussy when they are moved around in props, and the outside of the bucket changes take just seconds and baby isn’t disturbed at all.

Mom loved this mauve color for her Northfield newborn photographer session. It was also a great color to add in with the other colors of the session. Mauve, purple, pink, and white are all colors that complement each other and also top choices for baby girl Northfield newborn photographer sessions. These images will all look amazing in an album. My leather covered and think page albums are a great way to make the images from your Northfield newborn photographer session into a heirloom item to be enjoyed for years (and even generations) to come.

While I loved the mauve color, I have to admit my current backdrop for Northfield newborn photographer sessions right now is this beautiful white star backdrop. The white stars are a great way to add some cute details to the backdrop, but also have when be something that does not take attention away from baby. My goal as your Northfield newborn photographer is to give you timeless images of your newborn that will look amazing in your home for years to come and will also age well through the generations.

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