Printed Photographs – Should I print my pictures?

Printed Photographs

In an era dominated by digital screens and social media feeds, the art of printed photographs might seem like a relic of the past. The ease of sharing and storing images in the digital realm has revolutionized the way we capture and cherish moments.  We walk around with cameras on our phones that are better quality than the cameras we grew up with.  We can easily share them with family and friends, or the world on social media.  However, as a professional photographer, I’ve come to realize that the essence of printed photographs extends beyond the pixels on a screen. There’s a unique magic in physically holding and sharing printed photographs that simply cannot be replicated in the digital realm.

As technology races forward, the tangible and tactile nature of printed photographs becomes increasingly precious. Here are some compelling reasons why printing your pictures is an important aspect of preserving memories and elevating the photography experience.

Printed Photographs | Tangible Memories in a Digital World

Digital files are fleeting; they can be lost in the vastness of cloud storage or the depths of a hard drive. Printed photographs, on the other hand, are tangible keepsakes that stand the test of time.  I’m sure there are a lot of you that are like me, and have boxes of old printed photographs.  Not only of my childhood, but also of my parents, grandparents, and on.  There is something about holding a picture that is almost 100 year old, and has been passed along the generations.

Photographs become physical artifacts of your life, creating a connection between past and present that no digital file can emulate. Holding a print in your hands brings the memory to life, allowing you to relive the moment with a depth that a screen can’t capture.

Printed Photographs | The Power of Display

A printed photograph transforms an image from a transient digital existence to a timeless piece of art. Imagine walking into a room adorned with your most cherished moments – a wall filled with the laughter of family gatherings, the beauty of a sunset captured perfectly. Printing your pictures allows you to curate a personalized gallery, turning your living space into a sanctuary of memories.  You can decorate your home with the people and placed you love, versus art work from bog box stores.  Each photograph tells a story, and collectively they create a narrative that defines who you are.

Printed Photographs | The Emotional Impact of Prints

There’s a unique emotional connection that comes with holding a physical print. The texture of the paper, the weight in your hands – these elements add a layer of intimacy to the viewing experience. Printed photographs evoke a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality that is often lost in the digital shuffle. The act of flipping through a physical photo album or handing a print to a loved one fosters a shared experience that transcends the limitations of a screen. Having lost a parent, I treasure the printed pictures we have of my mom.  Sure, we have a ton of digital images – but when we needed comfort and reflecting on memories we went to albums and pictures, versus our cell phone pictures.   We needed something physical of her.

Printed Photographs |  Preserving Legacies

Printed photographs are tangible heirlooms that bridge generations. They withstand the test of time, becoming cherished artifacts passed down from one family member to another. A carefully preserved print can serve as a time capsule, allowing future generations to catch a glimpse of the past. In an age where technology evolves rapidly, printing your pictures ensures that your visual legacy endures for years to come.

Printed Photographs |  Enhancing the Artistic Experience

Photography is an art form, and prints are the final masterpiece.  I truly believe that if you invest in professional photography, that those images deserve to be printed professionally.  On quality papers, true to life colors, and prints that will last into generations.

The meticulous process of selecting the right paper, choosing the perfect finish, and overseeing the printing itself is an integral part of the creative journey. A well-crafted print enhances the aesthetic value of a photograph, bringing out details and colors in a way that digital screens simply cannot replicate. It’s a celebration of the artistry behind the lens.

Printed Photographs | Long Term Investments

In addition to the reasons above, printed photographs have a huge advantage over digital files.  The longevity of them. Printed photographs have lasted over 100 years.  Once your photograph is printed, you will have it until it is physically destroyed.  Unlike digital files, which can become corrupt, destroyed, or lost when the device they are saved on fails or is lost.  I know so many mom friends that have lost important pictures because they were on a hard drive that crashed, or on a phone that was lost.  I also love having all of those images with me, on my phone, ready to be viewed at any time.  But I also know how easily they can be gone.  Once you print a photograph, it really does become like a treasure to you.  It’s framed, put in an album, stored in a keep sake box, or anywhere else you want to keep those memories.  And they will stay there, exactly the same as when you put them there.  The long term investment in a printed photograph beats digital files any day.

Printed Photographs

In the age of digital dominance, the significance of printing your photographs might be overlooked, but its value is immeasurable. The act of transforming a digital image into a tangible print is a deliberate choice to invest in the permanence of your memories. As a photographer, I encourage you to step beyond the confines of the screen and explore the richness that printed photographs bring to your life. Embrace the timeless allure of holding your memories in your hands, and let each print become a testament to the enduring power of photography.

For more information on the printed photographs I offer, check out the about section of my websites. If you prefer to print you own images, I always recommend MPIX.COM to clients.  They are the best print lab outside of using a professional photographer.

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