Northfield’s Baby Photographer

Northfield’s Baby Photographer

Some of my favorite images from my sessions as Northfield’s baby photographer are siblings photos.  Maybe it’s because I am a mom myself, but there is nothing as adorable as a brand-new big sister cuddling her brand new baby sister. Being able to give parents these types if images are the best part of being a Northfield baby photographer.Northfield's baby photographer

For this session, we tried a few different big sister and little sister poses.  I love the relaxed look of the girls on the studio bed.  I also love the more posed look of the girls together in a chair.   Both capture the excitement of a new baby sister – but in different ways.  Finding new ways to photograph little ones together is a fun challenge as a Northfield baby photographer.Northfield's baby photographer

Parent Poses | Northfield’s Baby Photographer

As Northfield’s baby photographer, I never charge more for family poses in your newborn session.  I love being able to offer parents these images, without the discussion of the cost being worth it.  Your family has grown, and it’s important that we document this all together.  Giving families their first family portraits is a highlight of my job as a Northfield baby photographer.Northfield's baby photographer Northfield's baby photographer

Swaddled Poses | Northfield’s Baby Photographer

In addition to being Northfield’s baby photographer, I am also pretty good with knitting needles and finding amazing yarn.  I swaddled this little baby girl and used a pink and gray knit layer I made to style her session. I also love this adorable little bed, and how perfectly sized it is.  It’s been a popular choice for newborn photography sessions.Northfield's baby photographer

Prop Poses | Northfield’s Baby Photographer

It’s no secret that I have a prop buying problem, but I keep justifying it as a way to add more variety to sessions as a Northfield baby photographer. This wooden bucket is one of the very first newborn props I ever bought.  It has been a studio staple for over a decade.   The bucket designs used in this session are from Rozzi Rayne, and a great way to have a variety of prop looks as a Northfield baby photographer, but being smart about storage.  These designs are deals that attach to the outside of the bucket to completely change the look in just seconds.Northfield's baby photographer Northfield's baby photographer

Posed Newborn Pictures | Northfield’s Baby Photographer

One of the top requests I get from parents as Northfield’s baby photographer is posed newborn images on different backdrops.  Parents love images of their little ones posed in cute, curled up poses, and on a variety of backdrop colors and designs.Northfield's baby photographer Northfield's baby photographer Northfield's baby photographer Northfield's baby photographer

Baby Feature Close Up | Northfield’s Baby Photographer

Another popular request as Northfield’s baby photographer is close ups of all of baby’s features.  Parents love having pictures of these features before they start to change.   There is a difference between the look of a newborn and the look of a baby – and parents want to remember those little newborn details.

Northfield's baby photographer

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