Preparing For A Maternity Session

Preparing For A Maternity Session

Over the years as a maternity photographer, I have found that many moms want extra help preparing for a maternity photography session. They are unsure what to wear, when to take pictures, what to do to prep themselves for the session, who should be included in the session, and more. The stress of preparing for a maternity session can be overwhelming for some moms, and I am here to help. My goal for all sessions is to make things as stress free as possible for moms.

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Celebrate You | Preparing For A Maternity Session

This is a special time for you, along with your soon to be here baby. This little window of time in a pregnancy when you feel so connected to someone that you haven’t met, and excited to start your journey as an expanding family. It’s also a time to celebrate how amazing woman are. Personally, my favorite part is giving moms a memory of them being empowered and glowing, during a pregnancy when you often feel unlike yourself and in a body you don’t recognize. Moms love looking back on their sessions are having beautiful images of their pregnancy. A big part of a successful maternity session is having great tips when preparing for a maternity session.

Below are some quick tips on preparing for a maternity photography session. Mothers that book a session with me will get more detailed information – but this gives you a starting point when thinking of preparing for a maternity session and booking a session with Stephanie Bennett Photography.

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Client Wardrobe | Preparing For A Maternity Session

If you want an easy way of preparing for a maternity session, I have a large collection of maternity gowns and dresses available for use at your maternity photography session. They range from casual, to glamorous, and some that are a little more revealing for those daring moms. Most of the gowns, fabrics, bodysuits, and accessories in my portfolio are part of the studio collection and available for use at your session. Like to plan ahead, no problem. I offer dress fitting appointments for you to come try on dresses before your session so you can plan not only what you are wearing, but the rest of the family is they are joining you. Moms love these dress fitting appointments and find it a vital part of preparing for a maternity session.

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Clothing Options | Preparing For A Maternity Session

• Decide on a style you prefer for your session. Having a style in mind will make picking outfits easier. You can find options of styles in my maternity photography portfolio – or online searches like Pinterest.
• Wear what you are comfortable in – being uncomfortable will show in your body language in pictures
• Pick your outfit first, partners and kids are always easier to plan outfits for.
• Press clothing you are planning on wearing to minimize wrinkles
• Plan undergarments accordingly – I know first-hand that the fit of things can change over those 9 months. Bras should be supportive and snug. Underwear should be well fitting and not too snug.

The Little Details And Personal Care | Preparing For A Maternity Session

• Don’t get your hair cut right before the session. Give haircuts a week or two to grown in before the session.
• Moisturize. Use a non-greasy lotion the morning of the session to keep skin hydrated.
• Just like your hair, don’t get a spray tan right before the session. I recommend a week before so the tan had time to fade where needed.
• Manicure your nails, your hands will be in many of the pictures cradling your baby bump. I always recommend no a clean polish, or a neutral color. But if fun colored nails are your thing – embrace that are include your personality in the session.

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Spoil Yourself | Preparing For A Maternity Session

• Get your hair done – or do it with a little more oomph than normal. I also recommend wearing your hair down, versus pulled back and up.
• Get your make up done – or do your make up a little darker than normal. If you don’t normally wear make-up, mascara and lip gloss are all you need.
• And since you are all done up – take advantage of it and plan a little pre-baby date night. Take advantage of those baby free nights now, because soon you will be rocking a baby to sleep instead.

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Final Thoughts | Preparing For A Maternity Session

• I have found that once we start a session, the plan can change. I know that makes it seem like preparing for a maternity session even more difficult. Many moms plan on a more conservative session only to end up in more daring clothing options as the session goes on. If you want to change things up, let me know and we can roll with it.
• If you have a favorite side or feature, let me know – the same is true for areas that aren’t your favorite. I will plan poses based on this input.
• Be sure to eat before your session. From my own experience, I know that sometimes moms-to-be forget to eat. I have snacks and drinks in the studio if needed, but always recommend having food in your belly for the session.
Want to get started preparing for a maternity session? Let’s connect and get your session planned and I will send you more details on the session and preparing for a maternity session the best you can.


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