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It is always so much fun having a family in for a baby girl photography session in my Northfield Minnesota Photography Studio.  I love photographing all babies, but there is something extra exciting about planning a Northfield Minnesota photography studio session for a little girl – especially when the parents request all things girls be included in the session.  Things like pink, floral prints, and adorable newborn headbands.  My Northfield Minnesota Photography Studio is filled with props, and easily over half of them are aimed more at newborn baby girl sessions in Northfield MN.

Northfield Minnesota Photography Studio | Parent Poses

All sessions at my Northfield Minnesota Photography Studio for newborns start with parent poses.  It is a great way to ease into a session.  Baby is usually still sleepy from the drive to my Northfield Minnesota Photography Studio, and it gives me a chance to chat with parents a little about what they want out of a session, and begin planning all of the other setups for the session.  Almost all of the parent poses I do at my Northfield Minnesota Photography Studio start with a white backdrop.  I find that backdrop is the most versatile, and goes well not only with parent outfit choices, but will also look great displayed in their home. 


Northfield Minnesota Photography Studio sessions usually start with one parent.  Then I add in the other.   We switch, and the other parent gets some alone images with baby, and then we take more of both parents and baby.

parent poses with newborn baby girl Parent poses with newborn baby


I also love the big windows I have at my Northfield Minnesota Photography Studio, and use them all of the time in sessions.  My favorite way to use them for parent poses is to pose parents in a way that they are almost a silhouette, with the light of the large window behind them.

Modern parent poses

Cute mom pose with baby

Northfield Minnesota Photography Studio | Newborn Poses Of Baby Alone

After parent poses, it is time to focus on baby.  I take a lot of time focus on the newborn baby, and setting up a variety of color choices or backdrops, props and layers.  This is when all of the focus is on baby.  Parents also like to pick colors to incorporate into the session that match nursery decor, home decor, or baby’s name.  It’s a families chance to really personalize the session to exactly what they want to display in their home.  This family wanted things girly – with pinks and florals. They also wanted some gray mixed in for a little variety.

Newborn baby wrapped and sleeping in bedmoon shaped newborn prop Moon shaped newborn prop Baby girl swaddled side layign pose newborn cute baby face Northfield Minnesota Photography Studio purple floral backdrop


Some of my favorite images from newborn sessions in my Northfield Minnesota photography studio are close up images of those cute little newborn details.  Close up photographs of newborn baby’s hands, nose, eyelashes, hairline, and toes.  All those little baby details that can change so fast.

Close up of baby toes and face

I love when parents take a little risk, and want colors besides pink, purple, and white for their newborn girl photography session in my Northfield Minnesota photography studio.  Gray is a favorite “non-girl” color to use in newborn baby girl sessions.  It is a color that not only stands the test of time, and will always look great in homes.  But it also looks great with all baby skin tines.  Babies can all range in colors, for a variety of reasons.  Some color choices are better than others for babies, and gray is one of the best choices.  Plus, it is a favorite color of mine, and I have a large number of newborn baby girl props in gray just waiting to be used in the Northfield Minnesota photography studio for sessions.

Baby girl on floral print Baby girl swaddled Baby girl on gray floral print

Lastly, I always include these little close up baby face shots in my Northfield Minnesota photography studio newborn sessions.  I loved looking at my own newborn babies’ faces and being amazed at all of the different looks and faces they made.  This is the perfect way to capture that time – and those hilarious faces – for new parents too during their Northfield Minnesota photography studio newborn photography session. Baby mugshots



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