Northfield Newborn Photographer – we’ve moved!

I am excited to announce our move to Northfield!

My family and I recently moved to Northfield MN, and I am already in love with the town.  I could literally sit here and lust off a bunch of reason, and we have only been in town less than a week – but I am sure no one wants to hear about them (even if one of the top ones is how great my new neighbor’s “welcome to the neighborhood banana bread” was).  You get the idea, we are thrilled to be here!

With the move, my business will no longer be located out of Owatonna, but from my home in Northfield.   I still have my studio space in Faribault, and and plan on keeping that for a while.   Eventually I would love to get a studio in Northfield.   I am going to start looking around once the craziness of the holidays is over, but being new to town, I want to ease into things and not jump into a place.   Plus, I absolutely love sharing my place with the amazing lady behind KLIK Photography.

I am so excited to offer my returning clients new location options, as well as to meet new clients from the community.   It is so refreshing to have a new community to explore.  Once we decided to look for a home here, I started planning little day trips to scope out some the popular, and not so popular locations. On top of the city being a beautiful backdrop for my business,  everyone I have met here is amazing so far.  I mean, they have a welcome committee and a huge welcome packet!  How adorable is that!

I look forward to meeting more Northfield locals, and to introduce my returning clients to this amazing little town.




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