Strawberry picking | Day in the life

Strawberry Picking

I took mini- me strawberry picking for the first time this year, and she loved it. She was so excited to search for the berries, and pull them off the bush herself.  She even explained in detail to me how to pull them off the bush.  You pull and twist, just in case you are wondering.

I had so much fun watching her, and I am glad I decided to bring my camera with last minute.  While my iphone pictures are good, I feel like these really capture the experience.

She was so proud of all the strawberries she picked.  The whole pound of them.  When we got home, she picked out the best ones and fed them to her dad and I.   It was great that she got to see the entire process of how food gets from the field to our table, and to play a role in it.

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