Something new for my amazing clients!!!

I realized that I could be offering a more personalized experience and doing much more for you as a client.  We spend so much time planning your shoot by helping you decide what clothes to wear, choosing the perfect location and showing you how to pose that it seems such a shame to just send you on your way once we send you a link to your digital images.  You are investing in professional photography, and deserve to have them professionally printed, and displayed in your home.

I have decided take my services to the next level by offering you more guidance and assistance after your shoot. I will be personalizing our ordering experience by helping you select the best photos to print, what size canvas you should order and where to display your photos.  Don’t worry, all of these personalized touches are not going to drastically change things. You can still have your session and walk away with prints and digital images for a similar investment as before. 

What does that mean for you?

  • The pricing structure will be changing. Your session fee will be separate to print, product, and digital file costs. We will also be implementing referral gifts, incentives and opportunities to earn session and product credit (I am so excited about all these extras)
  • I am dedicating more time to each client. This means that we’ll be booking fewer photography sessions in order to spend more time with our clients to create a truly unique end product.  I love getting to know the families I photograph, and treasure the ones that have become amazing friends over the years.
  • The ordering process will be customized. The needs of my clients are all different and I would like to give everyone the best possible experience with our studio. This means new products, bundled packages, and bonus items with some purchases.  No matter what you have in mind for your final images, I will have a product that fits what you are looking for, along with some that will exceed anything you have seen before.  

Why the change to a personalized process?

  • I believe that photographs are best when they capture the love and connections in a family, and I can better capture that love when I know clients and their families.
  • I want my experience as a professional photographer to be more involved in your images past giving you a digital file.  I would love to give input on how to display your photographs, as well as provide you with gallery quality products that will last a lifetime.  
  • Choosing photos can be a confusing and sometimes daunting task. I want to be able to guide you on which images to print and what paper and finishes will give you the best results.  Many of my clients have plans to print their digital files, and never do.  When asked, many say they haven’t printed a wedding photograph in the years since their wedding. 
  • I want to ensure that are aware of and are taking full advantage of all the options available to you.  I’ll help you through the process, from selecting the session location, providing maternity dresses and gowns, clothing tips for family sessions, helping you select the images you want, and discussing printing options.
  • I know that a personal touch and good service leads to greater customer satisfaction.  We all like to feel special, and I want to dedicate the time and service to each client that they deserve.
  • It can sometimes be difficult to visualize what canvas prints of varying sizes would look like, which is why I would prefer to show it to you in person and make it easier for you to decide what you want.
  • Your images deserve to be printed.  So many sessions end up stored away on hard drives. I want you to display the people you love in your home. They also want to be displayed in their home. Research has shown the positive impact simply hanging photographs of your children in your home can have on their social and emotional health.

What can you expect moving forward?

The new ordering sessions can last anywhere between one to two hours so it’s best to eliminate as many distractions as possible. This might mean hiring a sitter for your children so that you can fully focus on the photography ordering process.  It may also mean your little ones can play with the studio toys or participate in the viewing and selection of images.  Since time is a precious commodity, we would also request that all parties who would like to be involved in the photo viewing and selection process are present at the appointment.

I will  give you the option to come through to the studio if that’s more convenient for you or we can arrange a house visit at a time that works for you. This is all about you and how we can make this a pleasant experience. Depending on location, there may be a small travel fee for those areas outside of Northfield.

During the ordering session, we will have samples of our products on hand, including albums, canvas wraps, wooden prints, metal prints and more so that you can see and touch the products.  

What happens next?

  • You will view a slideshow set to music with highlights from your photo session. Don’t worry about having to pick photos during the slideshow. This part of the process should be enjoyable. We’ll even have a few tissues on hand in case you feel a little teary.
  • After the slideshow, we can discuss my heirloom and unique selection of products and explain the various options to you.
  • Now the fun begins and you can start choosing your favorite images.  We will sort images into groups, discuss your wall or desk space options, and find the options that work best for you. This part of the process is all about picking out the products that best fit in with your style, décor and budget.
  • Lastly, we will look at pricing and make a final decision.

Some products will be available for you to take home form the viewing appointment.  Other products will be available in 7-10 days. 

The important things to know is that why the structure of things have changed, their hasn’t been any drastic changes in pricing.  If you are a long time client, or a new client, I am confident that you will leave the session and view appointment with products that you love at a price you are comfortable with.

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